Engagement photos are one of my favorites types of photoshoots to do. There is so much freedom in what we can do and I love capturing the candid moments that inevitably come. It’s the in-between moments that matter most. We’ll do some posed shots but I also want you guys to connect with each other because that’s where the real magic happens. Whether you want urban engagement photos in the city or engagement photos in the mountains with a dreamy landscape, my goal is to capture the energy and connection that the two of you share. And for the camera shy folks, I have some games and prompts to help bring that out. And if you want to bring a little bubbly or whiskey, I’ll encourage that. We’ll have fun.

It takes a lot to let someone in and to allow them to see you at your most vulnerable. It is my goal to help break down those walls so that we can capture the two of you in your most authentic state and get those candid moments that maybe you’ve never seen from an outside perspective. I want you to look back on these photos in 30 years and still feel the raw emotion and the warm fuzzies that you felt that day.